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Across countries and cultures, it is our people that drive our commitment to excellence. Our company culture fosters a distinctive, team-based approach to the exciting and fast paced shipbroking profession. Creativeness, attention to detail, empathy, compassion, intuition, a cultured outlook, entrepreneurship and communicativeness are qualities that make a difference and enable someone to become an extraordinary shipbroker.

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Index de l‘égalité professionnelle femme-homme - Professional gender equality index

Non calculable for 2023 - Incalculable au titre de 2023

Ecart de répartition des augmentations individuelles - Difference in the distribution of individual pay increases: 35/35 points

Parité parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations - Parity among the 10 highest wages: 0/10 points

Adélaïde Joly, HR Manager

Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program Graduate Program

Looking for an international Graduate Program in the shipping industry?

Grow with purpose, drive innovation, unlock your full potential. All onboard!

"The shipbroking profession is exciting and requires a number of skills that are not necessarily taught in schools and universities but learned through experience. Our program allows you to acquire the wide range of skills that make a successful shipbroker."

Harry Oiknine, Graduate Program Manager

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