We facilitate, coordinate, negotiate and help our customers find the best solution.



Full market coverage with 23 offices located in every major shipping hub.



Multicultural and multilingual environment. Including more than 240 shipbrokers and over 42 nationalities, all making client service their priority.

Our Expertise

We take a pro-active approach to the long-term strategic planning requirements of our clients.

Our broking, operations and research teams are configured to respond in the moment but also to accompany clients over many years. Our spot chartering teams can fix a ship or cargo ‘now’ while our project and asset teams work with research to secure future business and the vessels to carry it out. Working in this way over many decades, we have built a market coverage that is among the most comprehensive. Our close relations with many of the world’s leading ship-owners, industrial producers, traders and shippers attest to this.

Why choose us?

With an all-encompassing industry presence, we ensure that every requirement a client might have is met with excellent service and transcends the shipping industry.

Our worldwide team can show a client every opportunity available to them and help them capitalize on emerging market trends. A long-standing background in the shipping industry allows us to unlock doors and give assurance. Our maritime expertise enables us to make business happen all around the world.


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We embrace our role as a global leader seeking to drive an innovative shipping culture. ​​​​​​

Annual Review

BRS Annual Review provides a comprehensive analysis of the shipping and shipbuilding markets and is a staple for the maritime industry.